Employee benefits


Lealis is a specialist in employee benefits within the niche of international organisations. In an international environment often specific rules apply which make it essential to have the required expertise and experience. Lealis has built up years of experience in the broad field of employee benefits.

We can assist your organisation by means of:

  • specialised independent, tailor-made advice,
  • definition of a risk and insurance strategy,
  • the organisation of market studies,
  • support with tenders for insurers and/or administrators,
  • a quality control of the cover,
  • advice with complex files such as life and disability,
  • reporting,
  • advice on statutes and legislation in international organisations.

Do you have a specific question to which you do not have an answer in the context of employee benefits? Do you have challenges for which you would like to find a solution? Please feel free to contact us as we are always ready to help you.