Credit management


With over 20 years of experience in credit management, Lealis is an ideal partner to guide you in this matter in the broadest sense.

This includes :

  • Debtor management

We advise you in the context of optimal credit management. The analysis of the risk, the determination of the credit and the follow-up are all discussed. We can also assist you in an efficient and qualitative organisation of the debt collection by negotiating and guiding you in the selection of the right partners.

  • Interim management

Lealis can also be asked for interim management assignments as part of the optimisation of credit management within a company.

  • Customer service

A good customer relationship ensures that invoices are paid more easily and smoothly. Invoices are not always clear and detailed and often the customer is left with questions, so that payments are not made. Lealis assists you in optimising your customer service and in drawing up clear, transparent invoices so that fewer misunderstandings arise in order to avoid payments delays.

  • Advice on trade credit insurance & factoring

Lealis provides advice on choosing the right credit insurance. Our experience gives us a good view of the market and all its possibilities. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in what is the best choice for your company. In addition, we also have experience with factoring and can advise you on this and optimise your factoring.

A satisfied customer

I didn't have the opportunity to thank you on the last day for the good work you've done while working for us as a credit controller.

We see a significant improvement in accounts receivable management and this is largely thanks to you. You also worked very constructively on the migration from the old to the new accounting package, so thank you again!

Finance Manager, Carglass
Chris Janssens